Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Fish celebrates One Year of the Flash Fiction Creative Writing Course

The Fish Publishing Online Flash Fiction Course continues after a successful first year. One of this year’s graduates: Jette-Julie Rosendal,  was a runner up in the Fish One-Page Story Competition with “Cover”.

These are some of the things that former students said about the course:

I enjoyed the course very much and it provided me with more than I expected. It was a tool to motivate me to write on a continuing and regular basis and it also introduced me to the pleasure and challenges of flash fiction work. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Mary Jane. I would say there was the right level of straight forward critique balance with positive prompts and encouraging feedback.

Andrea Wicks

It helped me focus on my writing much more than before, the combo of being able to take my time, still someone waiting for my stories made WRITING a much more “real” thing. My writing has improved greatly, I can see that myself when rereading some of my stuff.
I´m much more aware of making choices rather than just scribbling along, which has made me feel I have a pretty great toolbox now. And it was great fun too! Great variety in exercises, additional stuff to do, and constructive, hands-on advice! One of my stories written on the course made it into the Fish Anthology 2011, which I´m still trying to fathom, but have no doubt is a direct result of the course – and its teacher. The teacher- Mary-Jane Holmes had a feel for what I wanted to say, where I wanted to go with my stories, and guided me with clarity, professionalism and human warmth. She has made me much more aware of making choices rather than just scribbling along, which has made me feel I have a pretty great toolbox now. And she made it great fun too!

Jette-Julie Rosendal

I found the course to be hugely beneficial, challenging and also a lot of fun. For me, it was also a great driver to actually write “stuff” day in-day out for an extended period.
Mary-Jane was very encouraging right from the start and she always found something positive to say about each assignment. Her criticism/analysis was always very clear and accurate (when I read it, I could immediately see the pertinence of it). At one point, I described her criticism of an assignment as “gently incisive” and I think that could be use to sum up just about all her interaction.

Kieron Lyons

Mary Jane is an excellent teacher – prompt, direct, precise, encouraging and clear. This is my first experience of tuition in writing. It’s been enjoyable and stimulating in equal measure.

Nancy Fermanagh

Thank you for a high quality course with prompt, valid feedback from an engaging writing professional.

Fiona Sussman
Details of the course can be found at

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