Monday, 14 June 2010

Online Flash Fiction Writing Course


In response to a long-standing demand, we have developed an online writing course for Flash Fiction – ten snappy and exciting modules to be completed with online tutor Mary-Jane Holmes within three months for 195. It will be fun and useful, entertaining and educational, and will be of benefit to writing in all genres while concentrating on the quirkiest and most difficult of all – Flash Fiction.

The Poetry and One-Page competitions are all done and dusted. The shortlists and winners are chosen, and the 2010 Fish Anthology is with the printers.

Irish poet Catherine Phil MacCarthy was the overall winner of the Poetry Prize with Limbo, chosen by judge Matthew Sweeney who was clearly delighted with the standard of entries. Second came Alexander Narkiewicz (UK) with The Mirror Ball, and third Toby Fitch (Australia) with Last Night I Lay Awake.  
Ward Allen Woods,   Ken Taylor 
Debris Field,   Frederick Pollack 
The Fisherman’s Song to the Mermaid,   Breda Wall Ryan
Upstairs, Ron Carey     
The Public Poet,  Frank Prem    
The Slim Volume,  Terry McDonagh 
Getting Dressed,  Helena Nolan    

The One-Page Prize was won by Zoe Sinclair from England with Darling Mummy. Second was Henrietta Guay from France with Counting Na’an, and third Susan O’Connor from England with The Gold in Her Ring. John Hegley and Simon Munnery had a great time judging this competition, and read the shortlist out to an audience in a Luton Pub to help with their final decision.
Runners-Up were­

Unfaithful Wings
Roanne O'Neil
Buddhists and Elephants
Kyle Martin Jones
And God Said
Simon Cornish
The Will and Testament Before Last
Richard Bardwell
I Thought You Should Know
Julie Balloo
Wise Guys
Ted Sheehy
I Don't Forget
Seamus Scanlon

Five of the ten poets so far are coming to the launch of the Anthology in Bantry at the West Cork Literary Festival on 7 July, along with four of the One-Pagers and five short story winners. Unfortunately too many live too far away, in the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, and often can’t get the time or funding to make such a long journey. Others live closer but can’t get the time off work or family commitments.
We’re delighted that Short Story Winner Jane Camens is flying from Australia. Should be a terrific evening. Come along if you can. Indeed come for the week and enjoy a fantastic programme of literary events, many of which are free. There is a workshop on poetry with astonishing poet Leanne O’Sullivan, and one on reading and performing poetry with comedian/poet Owen O,Neill, and one on “Writing For Women” with Catherine Dunne.  There are afternoon seminars with literary agent Jonathan Williams (perhaps the most useful man for a writer to meet), travel writer Tim Mackintosh Smyth, novelist John Boyne, and many others.

Other News.
The Fish Short Story Prize will open in August and, as always, the closing date is 30 November. The details will be on the website, and we will include them in a newsletter too. The One-Page and Poetry prizes will open soon after, though the closing dates are in April 2011.

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